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Gaia Pro and Solely Practitioner

    We are the exclusive representatives of Gaia Pro in the States of California and Nevada.
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About Gaia Pro

    Gaia is an American Herbal Company of the highest quality and integrity. They are a B Corporation (which means they do good both socially and environmentally) with an Organic herbal farm in Brevard, North Carolina, in an area defined as a rainforest. Up until this point, the majority of Gaia’s customer base has been high-end retail outlets such as Whole Foods Market.

Additionally, Gaia has a reasonably strong following among Naturopathic Doctors. In 2022, Gaia made a decision to move towards the Practitioner market. At this time, Gaia Pro had no specific policy or direction in terms of the Practitioner market, and as a result, some Gaia Pro products made their way onto Amazon.

I started talking with Gaia in August/September 2022 and eventually came to an agreement in April 2023, followed by 15 other ex-Standard Process reps throughout the US. A plan was agreed upon and is in place up until the end of 2025, which repositions and expands the Gaia Pro brand and resolves the issues we currently have with Gaia Pro.

    Our discussions led to Gaia committing to develop an exclusive range of Gaia Pro for Practitioners, based around our recommendations of Practitioner needs. Gaia agreed to stop the shipping of Gaia Pro products to Amazon. There is a lag while vendors sell their existing stocks, but at the time of writing, there were very few Gaia Pro products available on Amazon, and this is diminishing on a daily basis.

    There are close to 40 products which are exclusive to Gaia Pro; that is not available to retail accounts or individuals. Four new products have been introduced in the second half of 2023, and the Pro exclusive range will be increased to 50 by the end of 2024 and over 60 by 2025.

To Summerize

    Gaia is totally committed to the Practitioner market. Just about every manufacturer of supplements within the US is moving towards retail, the internet, and Amazon. Gaia Pro is moving towards the Practitioner market, not away from it. This is to be commended and one of the main reasons we decided to partner with them.

    They are US-based and of extremely high quality, as good as if not better than any other Herbal brand available in the US. I hope you will give Gaia Pro a consideration. I do realize this is not a perfect Practitioner line at present, but they are committed to us if we can support them in the short term.

Gaia Pro and their Unique Products

    These are the products that Solely Practitioner will focus on in terms of recommendations, training, and Newsletters. We will occasionally include a twin product if we feel it offers exceptional value or is unique in some other way; we will indicate the twin status to you. I am well aware this is not ideal, and as the range develops over the next 12 to 24 months, there will be less need to include twins.

    Where possible, I will try to fill the gaps with Doctors Research products. Doctors Research is our whole food line but also includes herbs within the formulas. Doctors Research is a Practitioner-only line with no Amazon presence. Both Doctors Research and Gaia Pro allow you to sell their products from your own website. This cannot include Amazon or eBay, and products cannot be listed below the recommended retail price.

Gaia Pro and Lee Carroll

                        Please take the time to watch Lee Carroll’s webinar where he discusses the Gaia Pro products he is using both himself and with his Patients. He also gives some excellent insights into products which he describes as home runs and should certainly ease some of the pricing pain your Patients maybe suffering with their current herbal products.

To view Lee's video, enter the password nutrition below and click Watch Video
Introduction to Food Research

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Discussion with Dr. Jean Lawrence

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Applied Clinical Nutrition Certification (ACN)

Our A.C.N. Program is being sponsored through Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCUHS).

This Program is open to all healthcare professionals, their staff, and students. The Program offers a viable credential as an Applied Clinical Nutritionist (A.C.N.).

To be eligible for enrollment, applicants must be a professional health care practitioner, their staff or a student who is attending a college or school program.
Applicants must provide documentation if needed.

Program Fees:
An administration fee of $19 is added to the cost of each seminar that you attend.

Tuition for Applied Clinical Nutrition 100 Hour Certification Program:
All pricing includes CEU's, Course Notes, Framed A.C.N Certificate of Completion, and College Transcripts. There are no additional payments due upon completion.

Program completion takes approximately 12 seminar courses at a combination of 7 and 14 hours for each seminar.

ACN Exam:
Complete 100 hours of seminar or webinar courses in order to qualify for the ACN exam. In order to pass the ACN exam, a score of 80% must be submitted within three attempts.
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